Empowering families to be the place of growth, individually, as a family, and as part of society

About the Family Institute

We believe in the importance of lasting family relationships and their power for good.

Every transition, every change in families, is an opportunity for the whole family and each individual member of it to take part in building a future and legacy that works for all.

That’s why we founded the Family Institute, with a network-based approach between families, advisors, and experts, to scale what works in families.

Meet the Team
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Hamish Forsyth the Family Institute
Fernando Scodro, The Family Institute
Justin and Valerie Rockerfeller
Alessandro Rocchi  - The Family Institute.

Families are where everything starts.

They are the first place where we feel at home, work out who we are and what we stand for. Where we learn how to communicate and manage conflict.

When relationships sing, family members flourish, vision, values and attached organisations take flight and grow.


We start from the belief that families are a vivid system, where transitions are happening continuously. Our families are the last to see us change, and shifting roles and responsibilities can be uncomfortable. But we believe that friction is a crucial source of growth.

With that principle in mind, we designed a process for families to come together and make use of a powerful support system of peers and experts, to clarify and define their future path.

Each family begins by aligning on their goals and setting their direction together. They then start a tailored journey to achieve those goals and join the Family Institute community.

Families that work with us receive the following:

The Family Institute in discussion
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The Family Institute in discussion

Clarity and Peace of Mind

Gain a deep understanding of the skills, strengths, and common values of your family. Use your full potential and build the future growth of the family, in the most effective way.

Process for Growth

Address the unspoken to achieve common goals as a family. Fill the gaps, break the barriers to growth, and support each other on your individual and family growth paths.

Support to Focus

Join a movement of highly respected specialists and forward-thinking families who have overcome similar challenges, to stay focused on your family’s legacy building and future.

Our proven, tailored approach to family stems from the Family Institute core Principles.

A holistic approach

We created an approach to work on both soft and hard topics and where they intersect.


We consider imperative to involve the family as a whole, so different generations work together to create a shared plan.

Friction as an opportunity for growth

We see friction as the way for families to address challenges and achieve more.


We draw on direct experience from multi-generational families and world-leading experts.
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Everything we do is inspired by and created with forward-thinking families that we know and trust, including vetted specialists and experts to scale what works and expand the power of families.

“I joined The Family Institute because I believe in the role my family can play as a catalyst for change. My great-grandfather John D. Rockefeller Jr. expressed this most eloquently:

“To whom much is given, much is expected.”

With each generation committed to giving back, we can make wonderful things happen.”

Valerie Rockefeller

"We had already tried much as a family and got stuck alone.

It makes all the difference to work with The Family Institute to facilitate productive conversations and help us reach our desired goals"

Martha & Sergio Scodro

Founding Team

Viola Werner

Co-founder and CEO

Managing Director, Credit Suisse; Founder, Young Investors Organization

Hamish Forsyth

Co-founder and Chairman

Co-founder and CEO, HBR- featured global innovation consultancy OneLeap

Valerie Rockefeller

Founding Member, Family Advisory Board

Chair of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors

Fernando Scodro

Founding Board Member

Co-founder, The ImPact

Ellen Levy

Founding Member, Global Advisory Council

Founding Team, LinkedIn

Winnie Chiu

Founding Member, Family Advisory Board

President and Executive Director at Dorsett Hospitality International

Melissa Rossi de Lima

Founding Ambassador

Partner, Rossi de Lima & Lenz Advogados

Tyler Barth

Founding Ambassador

Founder & Partner at Legacy House and Strategic Advisor at Guggenheim Partners

Louise Huterstein

Founding Ambassador

Founder & CEO, Solo Holdings and Senior Advisory Board Member, Credit Suisse Responsible Consumer Fund

Alessandro Rocchi

Head of Operations